The Way of White Crane Karate


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This 350-page book is a limited edition of only 100 copies. Each book is numbered and signed by the author. This is the first book dedicated solely to Okinawan White Crane Karate. This 350-page book will teach you the complete Hakutsuru Kenpo Karate system. It includes history, theory of applications, kata, kumite-sparring techniques, twoman sparring kata, pressure point striking and knockout secrets. It explains in depth the secrets contained in the Bubishi, karates mystical sourcebook. It explores karates development in Okinawa and uncovers the hidden truths about styles, masters and much more. George Alexander one of the worlds leading authorities on the Japanese martial arts has done years of research and traced the history and development of this martial art from the Shaolin monks of China to the karate masters of Okinawa. To complete his research he has traveled throughout Japan, Okinawa and China to get at the roots of this little known cultural history and the dissemination of White Crane Karate. He has trained with some of the worlds greatest karate masters in order to produce this work. This book is truly the seminal work on the subject of Okinawan White Crane Karate. A one-of-a-kind book that every serious karate student and black belt must have! Highly acclaimed! A best seller!

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George W. Alexander