The X-Guard


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For Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, No Gi Grappling, And Mixed Martial Arts Marcelo Garcia, winner of five Brazilian jiu-jitsu world championships and a man many feel is the best pound-for-pound submission grappler of all time, unveils the secrets behind the most effective guard system in existence-the X-Guard. Unlike most jiu-jitsu instructional books, Garcia leaves no stone unturned. Not only does he show you how to sweep your opponent using the X-Guard from nearly every control position, he shows you how to do it both with a gi and without. Covering everything from grips to timing, this book will be a savior to anyone wishing to compete in jiu-jitsu ournaments, no-gi grappling competition or mixed martial arts.-Illustrations: 2000 full-color photographs-260pgs-9 X 11

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