Traditional Shito Ryu Karate Volume 2


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The Traditional Shito Ryu Karate series includes for the first time on DVD the karate and weapons of this major style of karate. This exciting new DVD series features Hanshi Rudy Crosswell, 10th Dan. One of the world s foremost Shito Ryu Karate masters! Shito Ryu is a style typified by lighting fast and powerful techniques. It includes all the kata of Shorin Ryu & Goju Ryu. This DVD series covers the History, Basics, Kata, Self Defense, Sparring and Weapons of Shito Ryu and truly captures the essence of this dynamic style. On Volume I you will learn basics, punches, kicks, blocks, stances, self-defense & applications and Kata Kihon I, & II.

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Hanshi Rudy Crosswell