Vital Leglocks


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Learn to apply 65 essential leglocks for jujitsu, judo, sambo & mixed martial arts. Coach Steve Scott teaches you the keys to successfully applying lower body submission techniques & getting your opponent to tap out. Vital leglocks is divided into the three major categories of lower body submission skills: ankle & foot locks, knee locks & hip/upper leglocks. Learn to successfully use ankle locks, toe holds, heel hooks, knee locks & bars & knee cranks in a variety of grappling situations, including as counters to common holds. In addition to learning how to set-up & apply fundamental leglocks, Coach Scott shows you how to defend against common lower body attacks, master the concept of leg wrestling, actively control the match & use leglocks strategically to get the win. Leglocks in Vital Leglocks include: Straight Ankle Lock”Gator Roll Ankle Lock”North-South Ankle Lock”Scissors Ankle Lock”Standing Heel Hook”Saylor Heel Hook”Rolling Heel Hook”Ankle Crush Toehold”Bent Knee Lock”Strraight Knee Lock”Cross-body Knee Lock”Rolling Knee Lock”Outside Knee Jam”Double Leg Knee Jam”Bent Knee Crank”Banana Split”Boston Crab”Grapevine

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