Wing Chun Gung-Fu Siu Leem Tau Concepts & Principles Part 2


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By Randy Williams WCW18-D Concepts & Principles, Part 2 continues with detailed explanations of Part Two and Three motions of the Siu Leem Tau Form including: Whirlpool Energy, Striking Principles, Shoulder Blocks and Strikes, Trapping Principles, Multi-Directional Movements, Punching Variations, Yut Fook Yee, Invisible Centerline Attack Principle, Basic Concept of Reference, Long Bridge Motions, Knee and Elbow Strikes, Borrowing Power and much more! 60 minutes. When Steven Seagal, Phil Collins or Eric Clapton needed bodyguard protection, they called Wing Chnu master Randy Williams, one of the world’s foremost experts on self-defense. Williams, who operates schools in various parts of the world, began training at the age of 13 under George Yau and completed his instruction in the system under world renown master Augustine Fong.

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