Yoshimatsu Matsuda Shorin Ryu



This DVD is by one of Okinawa’s most technically and knowledgeable Shorin Ryu Karate ka, Yoshimatsu Matsuda, 9th dan. Matsuda Sensei has been compared to Goju’s Morio Higaonna technically, and his power and speed are second to none, as is demonstrated herein. You will be able to learn all the original Shorin Ryu kata, plus three all new Myobukan, Seiru, and Fujite. All 3 of these new and exciting katas make this DVD, which was filmed in Tomari, Okinawa, a must for Shorin Ryu stylists. This DVD is easy to follow for all levels from beginner to advanced. Master Matsuda has one of the largest dojos in Okinawa and his following of students grows daily.